Week 52 - All You Need is Love (The Beatles, 1967)

Week 52 - the Beatles

We made it! For our last song, well…the song says it all. Thank you for all your support - every comment, every “like” inspired us to keep going. We couldn’t have done this without all your support. Thank you. 

I’d especially like thank James for his loving and patient support, I know it was a lot to take on! The same goes for Evan - thank you! And most of all, Rebekah. You constantly challenge and inspire me to do better. Thank you lady, I love you so much!

As for the future, I don’t know…but I’m going to do my best to cover all the songs that all of you have suggested. Eventually ;)

And please come see us celebrate at Rockwood Music Hall stage 3 on Thursday, April 27th!

Yay! We. Did. It.

Week 51 - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Beyoncé, 2008)

Week 51 - Beyoncé  & The Dixie Cup

Last week, when I got stuck choosing songs, I asked for help on the FB and got some amazing suggestions.  This week’s idea came from some of those suggestions.  I confess - I know almost next to nothing about Beyoncé and her musical career.  It seems so crazy considering she is one of the best selling artists of all time!   It shows to see how much one can live in one’s own musical bubble…  Of course her music is so far away from anything I do, so I decided to bring in a little of my element, hence the 60’s girl pop group The Dixie Cups.   It was a lot of fun!  Hope you enjoy.  

I’d like to thank Megan and Cody for suggesting Beyoncé, and Sophie for suggestions the Dixie Cups!  You ladies are wonderful!  Thank you!

Week 50 - You're So Vain (Carly Simon, 1972)

Week 50 - Carly Simon

This song followed me all week while I was in England.  It’s such a brilliant song.  I love good breakup songs.  The song’s history is intriguing as Carly Simon always alluded to the subjects of the song but did not entirely reveal them.  The only personality confirmed is Warren Beaty.  Warren Beaty proved he’s worthy of the song by claiming the entire thing for himself and even thanked Carly Simon, ha!  But Carly says it’s about 3 men and the other two remain something of a mystery.  Angie Bowie claims that she’s “the wife of a close friend” and that Mick Jagger was supposedly “obsessed with her.”  Interestingly, Jagger contributed very distinctive backing vocals to the recording.  Meanwhile, we had such a great time singing it - nothing to do with my own experiences, of course :PEnjoy!

Week 49 - Landslide (Fleetwood Mac, 1975)

Week 49 - Fleetwood Mac

I think the most interesting thing about Stevie Nicks to me is that her voice and her appearance do not match.  I’ve always enjoy watching her sing for that reason, she looks so delicate, a little like an angel on top of a Christmas tree then you hear that deep voice.  I love her voice.  Interestingly this song didn’t get released as a single when the album Fleetwood Mac was released.   It wasn’t till 23 years later when Fleetwood Mac released the live album the Dance.   It’s a beautiful song and I’ve always loved it.  Glad to have a go at it.  Hope you enjoy!

Week 48 - Mrs. Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel, 1968)

Week 48 - Simon and Garfunkel

The internet went down mysteriously yesterday and again mysteriously came back late last night…  Who knows why.  Internet wasn’t the only thing that was strange this week for us.  First we had to scrap the song we were planning on covering (long story, ugh) so then we had to come up with a song and learn it in an hour!  We settled on this song but to our surprise, it’s deceptively complicated!  We should’ve known, we tried to cover a Paul Simon’s song before and miserably failed.  One of the interesting thing about doing this project is that I get to peek into the personality of each composers.  I find Paul Simon’s songs to be exacting and fussy in details.  The combination that makes Paul Simons songs so genius but it doesn’t bode well with my personality…  But here we go, we must embrace challenges of all sorts.  Once we learned it though, it was so much fun to sing!  Hope you enjoy!

Week 46 - I Love Rock 'n' Roll (Joan Jett, 1982)

Week 46 - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

A long time ago, when I went to see Brendan Benson and the Wellfed Boys, they jokingly started play this song on stage just because my friend said that was one of her favorite songs.  I was pretty impressed that they could play the song just like that!  Turns out, the song is pretty easy to play…  not saying Brendan and his co. aren’t talented, of course they are, but anyway it was lots of fun to learn and play this song.  It was originally written by the British band the Arrows but it was Joan Jett that made this song so iconic.  It doesn’t get more Rock ’n’ Roll than Joan Jett!

Week 45 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli, 1967)

Week 45 - Frankie Valli and Four Sesons

Evidently I’m not very good at sticking to a plan.  Bekah and I had a list of songs of the last 10 weeks and I’ve already derailed from the list…  Bekah wasn’t that surprised though - she’s used to me changing things all the time!

This song came on the radio and has been stuck in my head ever since.  Although James reminded me that our friend Greg suggested this song for me to cover a long long time ago.  Well it took me awhile but here it is.  We purposely didn’t use trumpet for the really distinct trumpet solo because we really liked it how it sounded as we sung the solo when we were rehearsing.  Do you agree?  Hope you enjoy! 

Week 44 - High and Dry (Radiohead, 1995)

Week 44 - Radiohead

First time I saw Radiohead perform live, they were opening for PJ Harvey.  I didn’t know anything about them then but I remember thinking that they were amazing.  Thom Yorke had bright red hair.  After that I heard about them again when Creep became a big hit, but it was the release of the Bends that really got me (and more likely the rest of the world) hooked on Radiohead.  I admire their artistry and creativity and the Bends and OK Computer are the albums that I go back and listen to quite often.  Apparently Thom Yorke called this song “it’s not bad…it’s very bad.”  But I like it and enjoyed singing it.  Hope you enjoy.  Only 8 more to go…

Week 43 - Bacherolette (Bjork, 1997)

Week 43 - Bjork

I still remember very vividly the first time I saw Bjork.  There was this very short lived music program on NHK (PBS of Japan) that I loved and they used to play lots of music that were relatively unknown in Japan.  One night they talked about this Icelandic band called “Sugarcubes” and showed their video.  The song was called “Birthday” and a girl in a red dress was singing.  Her voice was nothing like I’d ever heard, it blew my mind.  I went and bought their album the very next day.  Ever since then, Bjork’s music has become part of my life.  I love that her music (and herself) is always unique, strange and beautiful.  And I love her visual and conceptual approach to her music.  She’s a very visual musician and that’s what I wanted to bring to the filming of this song.  Rebekah and I had a great time painting flowers, ha!  

Also I’d like to thank Marianne from MSO for planting this seed in my head, what seems like such a long time ago now.  When Main Squeeze Orchestra was discussing new additions to their repertoire, Marianne suggested this song and that I should sing it.  That never happened but we incorporated accordion for you Marianne.  

Hope everyone enjoys it!

Week 42 - Just Because I'm a Woman (Dolly Parton, 1968)

Week 42 - Dolly Parton

Can’t believe there’s only 10 more weeks to go!  Bekah and I were brainstorming for the last 10 songs and the artists that we definitely wanted to cover and Dolly Parton was one of them.  What’s not to love about Dolly?!  She’s inspirational in so many ways - her creativity, her humanity and her style.  This song that she wrote back in the 60’s was a response to her husband’s questioning (and subsequent reaction) to if she'd ever been with a man before him.  Of course it was a rather a daring statement to make back in the day.  These days with the imminent threat to women’s rights (jail time for abortion, seriously????) I think it’s very important to pay respect and give gratitude to women who paved the way for all of us.  Every courageous voice counts.  Thank you, Dolly! 

Week 41 - Inauguration / Women's March Medley

Week 41 

We couldn’t pick just one song to express all the emotions that this inauguration brought upon us so we made a medley.

Everyone who’s marching today - stay safe and positive.  And whatever you do, Don’t stop believing!

Week 40 - Faith (George Michael, 1987)

Week 40 - George Michael

I couldn’t believe when I learned about George Michael’s passing on Christmas Day.  The horrible year that claimed so many talented souls, I honestly thought only one week left we were home safe.  I was wrong.  It apparently needed to take a few more away from us before it closed its door forever.  I haven’t really listened to George Michael for a long long time, listening to his songs, I felt really nostalgic.  He was such a craftsman when it comes to songwriting.  We were really happy to be able to do this tribute for him.  Hope you enjoy!

Week 39 - "Heroes" (David Bowie, 1977)

He would have been 70 tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe that he’s been gone for almost a year.  In the madness that followed through out that year and the strange political climate that continues to this year, I realized I really needed to sing this song.  This song, originally recorded in the 70’s in Berlin depicts lovers separated by the Berlin Wall.  His performance of the song in West Berlina decade later is considered a catalyst to the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall.   

Happy almost birthday, Starman.  We miss you dearly.

Week 38 - Jockey Full of Bourbon (Tom Waits, 1985)

Week 38 - Tom Waits

Grand Finale of Tom Waits December!  The song that started it all for us.  We have been singing this song for so long that sometimes we even forget that it is a cover, ha!  We’ve been wanting to collaborate with our California half of the band and finally our dream came true.  Bi-coastal video!  Rebekah and I miss these gentlemen so much. Even though we didn’t play together in real life, I think this video portrays the feeling of what it is like when we do play together.  

I think it is important to close a year right and I’m glad we are able to do so with a style!  Hope you enjoy.  

Wishing you a very happy new year!

Week 37 - Tango Till They're Sore (Tom Waits, 1985)

Week 37 - Tom Waits

It was a very difficult task to pick songs from Tom Waits’s vast collection of songs.  And it was wonderful to see that so many people have such an affection for him and his songs.  In the end I decided to cover one of my all time favorite songs.  This was the song that made me fall in love with Tom Waits and I’ve tried to sing in the past but coudn’t quite get it.  So it was time to try again!  It’s the intro of the song that gets me every time so we had to work on that - it’s just so perfect in a drinking whiskey in the afternoon kind of way.  It also has the line “just get me to New Orleans” which is pretty much how I feel every time I think about that beautiful city.  As I was recording the song I realized that this song is probably about Mardi Gras, which meant we sang about entirely wrong holiday but that’s how we roll over here in Miwa Gemini land.  Enjoy.

Happy Holidays!

Week 36 - Innocent When You Dream (Tom Waits, 1987)

Week 36 - Tom Waits

I was editing this video this morning (which I tend to do because I’m always running WAY behind with this project) all was quiet while snowed outside.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  And I felt this song fits the mood of the day.  I’m not quite tired of the snow yet although ask me in March and I might have a different answer! 

Week 35 - Cemetery Polka (Tom Waits, 1985)

Week 35 - Tom Waits (1985)

One of the many things I love about Tom Waits is his ability to make music with just about anything.  Unusual instruments, unusual subject matters, unusual ideas, unusual situations - all of these things makes his world so exciting and interesting.  Like this week’s song, Cemetery Polka from the album Rain Dog. It's a song about aging relatives who are mostly insane, dying or both. Absurdity with a twisted sense of humor ran through this song and it includes some of my favorite rhymes like “egg” and “wooden leg” and “hotel” and “hell.”  

I read that Tom Waits walked around NYC recording street sounds and other ambient noises on a cassette recorder in order to catch the sound of the city for recording Rain Dog.  Rain Dog is one of my favorite albums and it makes me happy that it was written in my old neighborhood West Village, though I’m sure it was quite a different neighborhood back then.  

I’ve been wanting to to do all toy instrumentation and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.  We had a great time working on this song.  I hope you enjoy!

“If I want a sound, I usually feel better if I've chased it and killed it, skinned it and cooked it.”  - Tom Waits

And a happy belated birthday, Mr. Waits!

Week 34 of 52 Weeks - Hold On (Tom Waits, 1999)

Week 34 - Tom Waits

Week 1 of Tom Waits December!  Things changed for me drastically as an artist the day I discovered Tom Waits.  I love his originality - in his music, in his lyrics, in his style and in his imagination. And I love and love his sense of humor.  Frustratingly I’ve only seen him performance once and that was for his Mule Variation tour.  Still to this day, it’s one of my favorite shows of all times.  This song has been stuck in my head lately and was thinking about covering it, but there are just too many songs I want to cover.  Since it’s his birthday next week (12/7) I decided to dedicate this whole month exploring his world.  Hope you enjoy!

This one goes out to miss Erika - not only because we went to see Tom Waits together but also she has the best sense of humor and the most infectious laugh.

Week 33 of 52 Weeks - Where You Lead (Carole King with Louise Goffin, 1970 & 2002)


Happy Thanksgiving weekend!  This week, in honor of the revival of Gilmore Girls which happens to be one of Bekah’s favorite shows, we are covering this Carole King’s classic.  This song was originally on her iconic album Tapestry but when the producer of the show Gilmore Girls contacted her about using it as its theme song, she updated the lyrics to go with the mother and daughter theme of the show.  Then she re-recorded the song with her daughter Louis Goffin.  I also have a personal connection to this song - I got to work on the shoot with Carole King for the cover of her album Love Makes the World which the updated version was included.  I remember she was really laid back and easy to talk to.  

Hope you enjoy!  


This one goes out to Cody and Waylon :)

Week 32 of 52 Weeks - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen, 1984)

Week 32 - Leonard Cohen

When I heard Leonard Cohen passed away, I cried.  Not only he’s one of the artists that I hold dear to my heart but his passing seems to make things look even more desperate than it is, just when we need his music more than ever.  I argued with myself back and forth as to which songs I was going to sing for a long long time, but in the end I decided with Hallelujah, simply because I wanted and needed to sing it right now.   

Thank you, Leonard Cohen, for your clear and honest words and for your beautiful melodies.