A Happy New Year!  

I'm always really excited when new year starts.  Something really exciting about starting new!  And we are off to a great start.  First off we finished our 2017 with a very successful show at Rockwood stage 3.  It was first time we tried out our new line up with a cellist and a vocalist.  Welcome Kirin & Jennie.  Jennie is one of our accordion sisters and has worked with us when we covered the Andrew Sisters.  So you know she's already a rock star.  And Kirin, I swear, she was sent to us by a magical music fairy.  She fitted in right away and is adding so much to our music.  The show went off great and feedback we received was very encouraging.  Overall I felt great energy surging as I performed on the stage with these amazing ladies!

Then we kicked off 2018 with our first ever show with Sofar Sounds.  In case you are wondering what the Sofar Sounds is - it is an organization that puts together various secret shows throughout the world.  Their mission is to get more people to listen to live music the way it is meant to be listened to, and our show at their HQ in NYC was a completely acoustic (meaning no amplification/mic involved) and we had a blast!  If you are looking for a fun way to discover new and local music, I recommend you check them out.


And there is already so much planned ahead this year, it really feels like this is going to be the best year yet for us!  Please stay tuned!

Wishing you a magical new year.