This summer is shaping up to be super fun for us!  Shows, shows, shows and more shows!

Tomorrow, Friday June 15, we will be supporting Civic Night at the Soda Fountain, a local organization at their Fun Fundraiser.  Change starts with your local legislators - and CNSF is all about finding and supporting inspiring candidates that can make difference.  Please come support - there's going to be music, comedy and more!

Friday, June 15  

Fun Fundraiser For Civic Night at the Soda Fountain

Jalopy Theater (315 Columbia Street)


It's a free event to attend


GOVERNOR'S ISLAND!  It's summer time and come hangout with us in the sun.  We are participating this year's Porch Stomp at the Governor's Island.

Sunday, June 24

Governor's Island / Nolan Square

12-5pm (We are on at Silo Stage at 4pm)

More Information

Governor's Island.jpeg

LIC Bar Garden Show!  We are returning to LIC Bar for their beautiful Garden show.  We are so excited for this!

Sunday, July 1





Rockwood Music Hall here we come!  We got two exciting shows at Rockwood Music Hall with two different visitors from Los Angeles.  First on Monday July 23 at Stage 2, we will be sharing a bill with Brenda Carsey.  Our LA sister is back in town and we are stoked to play show with this one talented lady!  

AARON IS BAACK!!! In August, our beloved singing accordion player Aaron Burns will be back in town and we are going to party with him on Stage 3!  I can't tell you how excited we are to see Aaron and have him on the stage with us again.  We miss him oh soooooo much!  

Monday, July 23

Rockwood Stage 2

Double bill with Brenda Carsey



Saturday August 18

Rockwood Stage 3




BOSTON! In July, we are hitting the road to Boston and playing a couple of show.  Please let your friends in Boston know :)

Friday, July 20

Sofar Boston


Saturday, July 21

House Show



We will be making our debut in New Haven CT this summer!  If you are in this area please come join us!  If you have friends in the area, please send them along :)

Fernando Pinto Presents: Miwa Gemini

At East Rock Concert Series

Sunday August 19, at mActivity

285 Nicoll St. New Haven CT


Our Jocelyn McKenzie has residency at C'Mon Everybody and she has invited us to join her on the bill.  She curated her residency with all female acts and bound to be fantastic!  If you haven't seen Jocelyn perform you are in for a treat.  She's one of a kind.

Sunday, September 16

Jocelyn McKenzie C'Mon Everybody Residency

with Jocelyn McKenzie and Aviva Jaye