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Week 33 of 52 Weeks - Where You Lead (Carole King with Louise Goffin, 1970 & 2002)


Happy Thanksgiving weekend!  This week, in honor of the revival of Gilmore Girls which happens to be one of Bekah’s favorite shows, we are covering this Carole King’s classic.  This song was originally on her iconic album Tapestry but when the producer of the show Gilmore Girls contacted her about using it as its theme song, she updated the lyrics to go with the mother and daughter theme of the show.  Then she re-recorded the song with her daughter Louis Goffin.  I also have a personal connection to this song - I got to work on the shoot with Carole King for the cover of her album Love Makes the World which the updated version was included.  I remember she was really laid back and easy to talk to.  

Hope you enjoy!  


This one goes out to Cody and Waylon :)