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Week 17 of 52 Weeks - Changes (Black Sabbath, 1972)

Week 17 - Black Sabbath. 

This song was requested by Matt Brundrett, our drummer on the west coast.  The piano is the main instrument in this song and it’s not what you’d expect of Black Sabbath but it’s really a pretty song.  Maybe next time we will cover a metal song that’s more typical of Black Sabbath - in our style, of course ;)  I do have a soft spot for Black Sabbath though - my dear friend and my first band member Christy Kane loves them, and Matt, of course.  A little trivia, Bekah and I encountered Ozzy’s wife Sharon once when we both appeared on America’s Got Talent with our accordion orchestra, The Main Squeeze Orchestra.  Sharon Osbourne called us “the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen!”  Given that Ozzy was rumored to be pouring cocaine on his breakfast toast, and snorting ants off the ground through a plastic straw, I can’t believe that’s true!!! 

Our show at Rockwood Music Hall is tomorrow at 5pm.  Please come see us if you are in NYC area!