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Week 28 of 52 Weeks - Boys aka Girls (Beastie Boys, 1987)

Week 28 - Beastie Boys (1987)

We had this idea to change the song “Girls” to “Boys” and keep the rest of the lyrics the same.  But what I didn’t realize was how much of it describes my life to a tee right now!!!  It’s all about boys in the morning, and it’s all about boys in the evening. I love the way they walk and I sure love the way my 2-year-old and his friends talk!  And every night I hope he will say “hey me and you should hit the hay” as in “is it bed time yet?!” and certainly I can’t wait for him to do the dishes and his own laundry :)  Later in their career The Beastie Boys weren’t too fond of this song for its lyrical content but I figure Bekah and I can make it equal, right?  I sincerely hope though that when my boy grows up, he will know the difference between looking for a soul mate and a house keeper!

Brilliant styling by my home slice Bekah S.  She ain’t just a pretty face, you know?