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Week 24 of 52 Weeks - Long Ago (And Far Away) (Jo Stafford, 1944)

Week 24 - Jo Stafford (1944).  This song was requested by Bekah’s husband Evan’s grandmother, Tamar.  Her husband Emil passed away some years ago but it seems like they had a wonderful life together.  One can only hope that one’s relationship can be that strong and lasting.  

This song was written by Jerome Kern and Ira Gershwin and was featured in the musical Cover Girl starring Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth.

As we near the half way mark on this year long project, we would like to thank our husbands for all their support.  I’m telling you, it’s a lot to put up with ;)  And do you see the brand new microphone?  That was a gift from James.  Thank you, James!  

Wearing our favorite dresses found at a vintage store in Richmond, VA (thank you, miss Erika!) with the better sound quality, this just became my new favorite!  Hope you enjoy it, too.