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Week 29 of 52 Weeks - Red Right Hand (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, 1994)

Week 29 - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

It’s Halloween, so of course we had to cover Nick Cave.  The thing is, I love Nick Cave.  From the days of Birthday Party to the Grinderman, he’s a prolific artist that always seem to surprise you.  He’s amazing on stage and although he has had some commercial success, he seems to remain himself whether singing murder ballad or love song.  I knew I wanted to cover Nick Cave but picking this song was a bit of surprise.  Maybe Peaky Blinders has something to do with it?  But there are so many songs that I love by him, it’s possible that I will cover him again.  I still have over 20 songs left!  

On the side note, yesterday James got us tickets to go see him next year.  I’m so excited!

Happy Halloween!!!