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Week 26 of 52 Weeks - Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder, 1977)

Week 26 - Stevie Wonder  

It’s week 26 - we made it half way!!!  To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are covering Stevie Wonder.  This was definitely the most challenging song we covered so far.  I never felt so uncoordinated in my life!  Seriously doubted if I had any sense of rhythm at all. Then I remembered one of my old boyfriends who was undoubtedly the worst dancer I have ever seen.  It was so bad that the dance floor used to clear as people just stared at him.  He himself had no idea though - he loved music and dancing, and if he noticed people staring at him, he probably just thought people were admiring his dancing skill…  And this song is about that the music is a universal language and we all have an equal opportunity to sing and dance.  It’s an amazing song all around dedicated to Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and other jazz greats. 

I’m just so grateful that musicians like Stevie Wonder exists!