Week 42 - Dolly Parton

Can’t believe there’s only 10 more weeks to go!  Bekah and I were brainstorming for the last 10 songs and the artists that we definitely wanted to cover and Dolly Parton was one of them.  What’s not to love about Dolly?!  She’s inspirational in so many ways - her creativity, her humanity and her style.  This song that she wrote back in the 60’s was a response to her husband’s questioning (and subsequent reaction) to if she'd ever been with a man before him.  Of course it was a rather a daring statement to make back in the day.  These days with the imminent threat to women’s rights (jail time for abortion, seriously????) I think it’s very important to pay respect and give gratitude to women who paved the way for all of us.  Every courageous voice counts.  Thank you, Dolly!