Week 48 - Simon and Garfunkel

The internet went down mysteriously yesterday and again mysteriously came back late last night…  Who knows why.  Internet wasn’t the only thing that was strange this week for us.  First we had to scrap the song we were planning on covering (long story, ugh) so then we had to come up with a song and learn it in an hour!  We settled on this song but to our surprise, it’s deceptively complicated!  We should’ve known, we tried to cover a Paul Simon’s song before and miserably failed.  One of the interesting thing about doing this project is that I get to peek into the personality of each composers.  I find Paul Simon’s songs to be exacting and fussy in details.  The combination that makes Paul Simons songs so genius but it doesn’t bode well with my personality…  But here we go, we must embrace challenges of all sorts.  Once we learned it though, it was so much fun to sing!  Hope you enjoy!