Week 50 - Carly Simon

This song followed me all week while I was in England.  It’s such a brilliant song.  I love good breakup songs.  The song’s history is intriguing as Carly Simon always alluded to the subjects of the song but did not entirely reveal them.  The only personality confirmed is Warren Beaty.  Warren Beaty proved he’s worthy of the song by claiming the entire thing for himself and even thanked Carly Simon, ha!  But Carly says it’s about 3 men and the other two remain something of a mystery.  Angie Bowie claims that she’s “the wife of a close friend” and that Mick Jagger was supposedly “obsessed with her.”  Interestingly, Jagger contributed very distinctive backing vocals to the recording.  Meanwhile, we had such a great time singing it - nothing to do with my own experiences, of course :PEnjoy!