“Can anybody find me somebody to love?” we screamed.  Then life sent us Bandits on the Run…

Maybe it was not so dramatic but really it was a love at first sight/listen when we played together at a now defunct bar in Bushwick for the first time.  Bandits on the Run has melodies, style and wit.  And harmony!  We love harmony - nothing like listening to their voices blending perfectly.  It puts smile on my face every time.  

Very serious at the rehearsal.

Very serious at the rehearsal.

So when Adrian from Bandits asked if we could do a cover together, we jumped up and down, literally.  What do we do with 5 singers who knows how to navigate harmony?  Queen, of course!  I mean they are the queen of harmony - very elaborate and complex harmony at that!  I went back and forth but settled on Somebody To Love.   It took Rebekah and I, 4 or 5 rehearsals before we could even invite the Bandits.  Then it took us additional 2 rehearsal to get the song ready.  I even enlisted my friend videographer friend Shane to help me film.  

Recording itself was fun and relatively smooth.  Bandits are such a lovely talented bunch, they are so easy to work with.  But when it was time to edit, that’s when the trouble started…  The thing is everything I know about editing,  I taught myself.  I have edited all the video for 52 weeks 52 covers project but this was a whole new beast!    To be honest, it became too overwhelming that I just gave up.  So more than a year it just slept inside my hard drive and it looked like it was going to stay there for a long long time…


Then two things happened.  One is that I got to work with videographer Quentin for our Tiny Desk Contest video.  I sat in while he edited the video.  He was kind enough to answer my endless questions and even showed me a couple tricks.  Then Jarvis (my son) started a full time preschool this fall.  I have 4 hours all to myself every day!!!  I can finally finish editing!

Bandits are nice people, they never asked me where the video went or anything.  And when I finally showed them my edit almost a year and a half later, they just said “Wow!  We love it!”  And Adrian kindly added “it’s even better that we waited this long with the movie coming out.”  They are just so sweet.

So we proudly presents - Bandits on the Run & Miwa Gemini collaboration, the epic cover of “Somebody to Love” by Queen.  This project was made with lots and lots of love.  Hope you enjoy it.

And most importantly, thank you Freddie, for all the beautiful melodies and out of the world singing.  We dedicate this to you.  

We are in band love!

We are in band love!